Mr. Ture Sjolander, a well-known swedish artist, is the creator and first director of VIDEO-NU - Videocentrum.
Video Nu is a finanscially and ideologically independent organisation, the purpose of which is to develop video as a free art form by carrying out experiment and research within the artistic field, utulizing latest electronics technology.
Today, VIDEO-NU has around 150 individual members and aroud ten institutional members.
Since the establishment in 1979-80, Mr. Sjolander has served as the chairman of the organisation in several separate terms.
He has also, during the period july 1985 - march 1986, served as administrative director.
Until october 1986 he also, excepting some shorter breaks, served on the board of the organisation, after which date he upholds a function as consultant and international representative of the organisation.
On behalf of the present board, it is a pleasure to express our great appreciation of the responsible and successful way in which Mr. Sjolander has carried out his tasks both in regard to the external contacts so neccessary for the continuing growth of the organisation and in regard to the internal work to create opportunities for artists to utulize latest technology in a meaningful way.
We warmly recommend Mr. Sjolander for any other similar tasks.
Lars Euler
Stockholm - Sweden
January 1987.
The organisation Video-Nu was closed down a few year later because of the lack of federal fundings,
and after Mr. Sjolander left Sweden and settled in Australia 1988.
To Whom It May Concern,
This is a letter of introduction for Mr. Ture Sjolander, Swedish artist and administrator. Mr. Sjolander is an important and influential personality in the Swedish and European art communities, having been active as an artist since the mid ninteen fifties.
He instigated the establishment of the Video-Nu Video Centrum in Stockholm, an unique artist run co-operative designed to facilitate and distribute artists video.
Being among the first artists to utilise new media as video, Mr. Sjolander is well placed to give lectures and workshops on this subject at all levels.
I personally came to know Mr. Sjolander when I was visiting the Video-Nu centre as Artist-In-Residence during 1986, and I found him warm, helpful and efficient in his roles of Director at the centre and as a host.
I believe that a visit by Mr. Sjolander to Australia would be of considerable benefit to artists there, wheter active in video or other media. For this reason I feel that support should be given to his visit through the facilitating of lectures and workshops in art schools, art spaces and similar institutions.
I hope that you can find the time to give M. Sjolanders  project the serious consideration it deserves and perhaps help him in some way with this undertaking.
Yours Sincerely
Australian Artist, in Europe
(Stockholm, 26-8-86)
Simon Biggs - 2001 (Professor at Sheffield Hallam University)